The Exercise Day of Your Dreams returns on 10 May, 2017!

On 10 May, 100-year-old independent Finland will hold a shared exercise day. The Exercise Day of Your Dreams is a pop-up day of all sorts of movement during which Finland will be full of fun exercise events organised by people, for people. 

Get involved, along with your association, colleagues, family, or others, in organising a very special day for exercise. Get together, think about your own dream types of exercise and generate ideas about how you can fulfil them during this celebration of movement. You can try new sports, play yard games, or hold a walking meeting – ideas of all kinds are good! 

Register your event with the Map Service and be in with the chance to win

All the day’s events are displayed in the Map Service, which people can use to register both events that are open to all and ones that are just for their group. All events are displayed here – even the smallest ones are worth registering! This way, we ensure that we are involved in creating Finland’s largest exercise event, one that is seen and heard in a big way, including in the media.

Everyone who registers an event will be entered into a draw for exercise-promoting prizes. The draws will take place on 10 March, 10 April and 10 May.

Now is a good time to gather people together and even test your exercise ideas in advance!

Register your event and see other events here.

More information

Sign up

To share your event with the website, you first need to sign up as a user on that site.

When entering details for the first time, sign up via the top right of the webpage.

You can sign up via (a) email or (b) Facebook.

(a) When signing up via email, fill in the required fields.

You will receive a confirmation message when you have signed up successfully. NB! Check your spam folder if the message has not arrived.
Activate your account via the link you received in the email.

 (b) You can sign up via Facebook by clicking on “Sign up via Facebook”.

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If you have signed up via Facebook, always use the Facebook option to sign in.

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, click “I forgot my password”.
Enter the email address you used to register and you will receive a new password by email within a short time.

Registering an event

After you’ve signed in, you can add an event so that it is displayed in the event listings and on the event map.

1. Sign in to the site:

a) either by using your username (email address) and password

b) or your Facebook username and password

In the tabs in the top bar you will see your Own Details, Organiser Details, Events, and the Ideas Forum.

2. Adding an event:

  • choose the green Events tab.

Under that you will see the details that need to be filled in for your event.

Select Exercise Day of Your Dreams for your event. This will assign the date of 10 May to it automatically.

  • Mark the event as either open to all or only to your own group.

  • Fill in the other empty spaces and save the form so the event can be approved.

Editing or deleting an event
You can edit an event once you’ve signed in.

  • Choose the event or idea you want to edit in the relevant tab.
  • All the events you enter are seen in the bottom bar, which is where you can edit details or delete them entirely.
Search for events on 10 May

You can search for events on 10 May all over Finland using the map service.

You can search for events:

  • By searching for the town or city in the map search field (NB! When entering a place name, choose the name that the Map Service suggests in the drop-down menu)
  • By limiting search criteria in the right, Advanced Search, frame, for example by target group or free-text search.
Events on other days and sharing ideas

You can add or search for events organised on other days, too: works year-round. In this case, events are not Exercise Day of Your Dreams events, but they are part of the Exercise Year of Your Dreams.

You can also share your own exercise ideas and experiments on the website for everyone to enjoy:

  • Choose the Ideas Forum tab
  • Fill in the form

Publicising an event

Share the event on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the appropriate social media logo on the event page. Invite your friends and share the event on your Facebook page. Don’t forget the hashtags #unelmienliikuntapäivä, #unelmatliikkeelle and #Finland100. All marketing materials, such as logos and posters, can be found on the website here.

For organisers of events on Exercise Day of Your Dreams

Once a month, we hold an amazing prize draw, and everyone who registered an event on the Exercise Day of Your Dreams is in with a chance to win.

The earlier you register an event, the more draws you have a chance in!

Register your event by 10 March, 10 April or 10 May.

  • 1 try-out of a new sport (worth €200)
  • 1 of the bicycles used by the Olympic team in Rio (worth €500)
  • 1 Helsinki-Stockholm cruise for two with accommodation in a LYX luxury cabin with Viking Ling (worth €275)
  • 1 Helsinki-Stockholm cruise for two with accommodation in an A-class cabin (worth €119)

The Exercise Day of Your Dreams is part of the UN WHO’s Move for Health day. Exercise, sport and health organisation networks are involved in promoting the Exercise Day of Your Dreams. The Finnish Olympic Committee is co-ordinating the day in 2017.

The Day is part of a larger dream, the Exercise Year of Your Dreams 2017, when Finland celebrates 100 years of independence through the theme of “Together”.